A Dope Talk Podcast

A Dope Talk Podcast

A Dope Talk is an exclusive interview-esq conversation with some of the dopest artists in LGBT Hip-Hop. Our goal is to introduce and connect LGBT creators, primarily STUDS/Doms/Aggressives of color, to build outside social media. This season Khaosdarapper and Jazi-Mo focus on the artistry and the why's behind their passions through creative conversation and random dope shit. While music is our forte, the focus here is on LGBT Hip-Hop culture, so we extend the welcome to anyone who's dope and wants to talk.

Recent Episodes

Two Studs In A Pod-Cast.

Aug. 7, 2021

Yo! What do you get when you have Two Studs In A Pod, and you add another? Three studs in a Pod-Cast (insert some dope chuckles and don't dare judge us on our humor. Khaosdarapper caught up with Blaze and the homie Meech for…

When Samiere says...You could own Forbes!?

May 12, 2021

Yo! Samiere deserves a strand named after her. It would have the be the most refreshingly chill, calming yet intense strand ever, plus it would have a nice kumquat citrusy aroma. Clearly, we love Samire, and she grows her ow…

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Queerathon LGBT Hip-Hop Festival is back!

Yo!, The 2021 2nd Annual QueerAThon returned With 2 Days & Over 20 Different 🏳️‍🌈 Artists from all over the country. 🎙 Kris Avalon 🔊DJ Hush prese…